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Color coded tags are used to control cross contamination which makes cleaning more hygienic.

Yes, we have variety of mops and our scrubbing mops will help you in this regard.

Yes, Loop End mops are specially designed for dry cleaning i.e. to clean dust easily.

Cut End mops are used for wet cleaning.

Ofcourse these products are hygienically safe. Cappah International strongly believes in healthy environment, therefore our products are safe for the enviornment and individual's health.

Microfiber is a compostie material consisting of synthetic fibers that are known both for their incredibly small size as well as their absorbency.

It depends on how you're using it. If you use it to clean glasses it will last for years of use. Using a cloth for more abrasive jobs such as auto work and also excessively washing your cloths will also break them down faster. You can wash these cloths and reuse them over and over. We still have some of our original cloths that no longer are being used for screen cleaning but now have other uses.

Microfiber cloth works on every surface of your home or business!

• In the kitchen: Stainless steel, ceramic stove tops, sinks, granite counter tops, cabinets.

• In the bathroom / laundry room: Mirrors, tub, shower doors, tiles, faucets, vanity tops.

• Around the house: Windows, mirrors, laminate and hardwood floors, furniture, jewelry.

• In the garage or basement: Bikes, boats, motorcycles, cars, sports equipment, RVs.

• At work: Computer screens, keyboards, furniture flooring and fixtures.

No. microfiber cloths are a pure, clean, safe and fast chemical-free way of cleaning that is healthier for you and your family and good for the environment. Simply add water, wring out and wipe, and see the difference microfiber cloths make for you!

Loop end is recommended for dry cleaning, where as Cut end is used for wet cleaning. The loop end twisted yarns give the best cleaning experience for domestic use while the cut end is used commercially for larger areas

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