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CAPPAH International mainly uses two types of materials (Cotton & Microfiber)for manufacturing of textile range of cleaning products. We ensure High Quality raw for our entire range to deliver best every time. Continuous Improvement is the core element of our development. At CAPPAH International, there are certain focused elements including product development, customer management, Research & Development, which play vital role
to provide us the strength to lead in market. We are empowered with ambitious team of management, skilled labor and insight of product utility. "Knowledge is Light" so read about our concepts, You will surely be an advocate of our excellence in industry.


Cotton (our name comes from the word cotton known as Cappah in Punjabi)

Is a natural fiber that find use in many products including cleaning products and assorted cleaning need. Pakistan is known for producing some of the best quality cotton than anywhere in the World. The elasticity of Cotton fiber allows it to withstand high temperatures, can be washed, re-used and is very susceptible to dyes.


With Advancement in technology, Microfiber since its invention in 90's, has also come to be known as one of the best material for cleaning products. Microfiber is a composite material consisting of synthetic fibers, that are known both for their incredible small size as well as their absorbency. In fact, the Microfiber contains 200,000 individual strands in every square inch that makes it extremely soft and holds their shape as well. The same multiplication of strands increases absorbency. When high quality microfiber goes through knitting processes, it creates extremely effective cleaning products.

Microfiber Material has much better absorption capacity of water, oil, and other contaminated liquids. Users can clean microfiber products just with water and they are ready to be used again. It is because of the structure of Microfiber that it doesn't leave lint or scratch behind, regardless of how many times it has been washed. These cloths have a static charge which helps to attract and hold even the smallest dust particles. That is why Microfiber Cloths and Mops, without Chemicals, become best cleaning products for all kinds of cleaning  with lesser time & human efforts. It also reduces environmental impact in number of ways, in other words, it supports Green Cleaning.



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