Quick Clean Mopping System
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It’s all in one complete and quick way of cleaning where you don’t have to put stress on your back like traditional ways of mopping System

Quick Clean is based on third generation of mopping, it allows to save time, energy, water and expense on chemicals. Easily replaceable microfiber mops and purpose build working belt are the perfect catalyst for this system.
In traditional mopping system while using brooms, or other dusting equipment most of the efforts are all in vain because it spreads lot of dust particles in air which eventually settled back on the floor again and when wet mops are used; results are even poor.
- Our innovative design of handle has push button and filling inlet for water on the top.
- Bottom has wide ranged wholes to cover maximum area with the optimum capacity of water which is enough for 200* SQM area that was a task of one bucket. It saves 95% of water and your precious time.
- Magnetic holder is designed for easy and quick replacement for double sided microfiber mopping system to save time.

Microfiber Mopping System is famous for five E’s of easy to use, effective & efficient yet economical and environment friendly.

So here is a perfect opportunity to buy a complete mopping system solution to get your floor clean in less time and effort.
You are more than welcome to visit us at Kollenbergweg 78, 1101 AV Amsterdam, or write to us on sales@cappah.com

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